How PayPal Will Save You from a Zombie Apocalypse – High Rise Studio Style

Ever wonder what you would do if the world came under a zombie apocalypse and you were the only person left? How would you survive? Well the boys at High Rise Studio knew that the only thing that really could save you was, well …. PayPal.

And PayPal is taking notice.

A few weeks ago a world wide challenge was sent out through PopTent (a vibrant community of filmmakers, who are connecting to each other and to companies that want to pay them for their talents.) to find the next PayPal commercial, showcasing how PayPal is the “Future of Money”. The High Rise Studio team, along with 428 other applicants, accepted this challenge to show the world how PayPal will be all you need when it comes to money in the future. And what better way to do this by bringing zombies in to the mix?

The High Rise Studio team won the challenge, beating out 33 other submissions and becoming the front of PayPal’s new campaign to showcase how the digital era is changing the way we use money.

Not only does PayPal now know who High Rise Studio is, the world will begin to see the work that is coming out of Conestogo, Ontario. The video was posted on All Things D, a sister site of the Wall Street Journal!  It was also showcased on Zombie Wagon.  We are super excited for the team here at High Rise and even more excited to see where we will go from here.

*Keep a close eye out during the video. You may see a few familiar faces.

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