I Love Boobies…

…Did that catch your attention? We hope so.

That was our goal when pitching our idea for the American Cancer Society’s new campaign entitled “The Official Sponsor of Birthdays.” We wanted to create a concept that took a bit of a risk, but that caught people’s attention and made them connect with the story at hand.

We decided to highlight real people who had been affected in some way by breast cancer, whether it be personally or someone close to them.

The American Cancer Society took notice, as we took first place in the competition for the new campaign. We are so proud of the people who volunteered their time to showcase their first hand experience with breast cancer.

Apparently the world has begun to take notice too. The video was only posted on October 11, 2011, and already we are at 134.087 views and counting! (It was only at 15,000 views on Saturday night!)

Hopefully with the help of this video, people will choose to Join Us in the Fight.  One day we WILL be able to find a cure.

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